Links to Underground Railroad Related Sites

Following is a listing of websites related to the Underground Railroad. Persons wishing to contribute information to this page are invited to contact the site editor. Persons interested in national UGRR efforts, or the UGRR in other states, should contact The Underground Railroad Foundation.

Song: On an Underground Railroad - [Hypertext ][RealAudio]

Content Sites:
The Underground Railroad in Niagara County
The Underground Railroad in Rochester
The Harriet Tubman Home Page
The North Star Underground Railroad Foundation
National Park Service Underground Railroad Project
The Raleigh Township Centennial Museum (Elgin Settlement) North Buxton, Ontario
Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Washington DC
Frederick Douglass Museum and Cultural Center (Rochester, NY)
Gerrit Smith Virtual Museum

Slavery Resources site by Steven Mintz, University of Houston
The Underground Railroad Bibliography by Carole Marks, University of Maryland

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