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The Harriet Tubman Home is owned and operated by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Though the church building attended by Harriet Tubman is not currently in use, her congregation still meets in Auburn, NY.Click here to learn more about:

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The AME Zion Church

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church recently celebrated its bicentennial. Since its inception, The Freedom Church has played a critical role as a center of religious, cultural, and political life of the African American Community. During the period of slavery in America, the church provided a network of activists and places of safety for persons escaping to freedom. Many of the key activists of the Underground Railroad in the US and Canada were affiliated with the Church, including Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and the Reverend Jermain Wesley Loguen, who ultimately became a bishop.

The current work of the church is rooted it its proud past an traditions. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church website has links to many AME Zion churches, organizations, and related businesses.

Harriet Tubman's Role in the Church

While living in St. Catherines, Ontario, Harriet Tubman attended the BME church. During her life in Auburn, Harriet Tubman played a significant role in the formation and progress of the Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church. From Harriet Tubman's time the church was located at 33 Parker Street [photo] in Auburn.

Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church

In 1993, the Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church relocated to 69 Wall Street [photo] in Auburn, the former Wall Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Worship Services are held on Sunday at 11 AM.

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