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This site has a mission: to promote awareness of New York State's rich history resources, and to promote their enjoyment by the largest number of people possible. Toward this end, every effort will be made to meet the needs of scholars, writers, curators, avocational historians, tourists, and the people who serve them.

A special purpose of this site is to promote the interpretation of New York's historical assets on the World Wide Web, and to promote the use of the Web by people with an interest in New York History.

This site was developed to provide interested users with access to the full range of historical assets within New York State. An effort has been made to provide an integrated source of related information, crossing lines among academic, governmental, and commercial sources.


Historians List

New York History Net publishes a list of individuals with interest in study or interpretation of New York History as a public service*. Directions to register and join NY History Net are on the membership page.


Job Listings and Event Information

New York History Net posts history-related jobs, internships, and information about cultural events as a public service*. Email a brief description and contact information. Contact <>.


Request for Links and MultiMedia

Have you found web sites or CDs relating to New York State History? Send a link or write a short review. Please send submissions to <>.



New York History Net and NYHN consultants offer a variety of services.


For more information, contact:

Institute for New York State Studies
Empire State Plaza
PO Box 2432
Albany, New York 12220-0432


Edward Knoblauch is the webmaster of this site <>.

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